Friday, May 25, 2007

The answer is

NO, Hula is NOT pregnant. Needless to say I am totally bummed out. I was so looking forward to having little golden nuggets running around here this summer, but I guess it was just not meant to be.

Please check back on the blog, I will keep you posted on Hula's summer adventures. Gotta do something fun with her now. I know she will be happy to go back to work on Tuesday.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Next time for sure (but no pressure Hula).. Here is a picture of Hula I took today. She is quite the beauty.


Che'rie & Dori said...

(((AIMEE & HULA)))
She is just waiting for the right time! Hopefully the next time will take. Gold nuggets will worth the wait :>

Erin & Rei said...

She is a really pretty girl! I raised a golden for my first pup and he was such a great dog! I miss him so much and wish you the best with Hula!!