Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell "A" Litter

Today was a day filled with lasts. The last dinner, the last picture, the romp around the dining room table. 8 weeks have flown by. The puppies have grown by leaps and bounds all weighing in well over 10 lbs and a couple reaching 15 pounds (sorry raisers no carrying these chubby wubbies).

With each litter I always think it is going to get easier (NOT), giving them back to begin their future is the next step in the process. Doug and I are excited for what lies ahead of these golden nuggets. They came into this world as 8 tiny reindeer and now are leaving us as future assistance dogs. They are ready. They have experienced multiple surfaces, from hard wood, to beaten down baby gates (yes beaten down by them), carpet, krinkle paper, dog litter, you name it they have felt it. They leave us with solid poop ( ok don't laugh but that is a big deal in the puppy world and it took awhile to get them there). They are sleeping 5 hours straight at night ( a few prefer to sleep in their crate). They have been introduced to collars and leashes, eye contact and the basic manners that if you sit in the whelping box you are the first to get out (Arnie is best at this). The 2010 "A" litter has been visited by close to 100 people, 92 to be exact. Wow that is alot but oh so good. They have had their first photo session and are the perfect models. The 2010 "A" litter is ready.

Doug and I want to thank you for taking the time to watch the puppies on the web cam, for following the blog and being interested in Paws With A Cause. We both know that you all wish them well and will prayer for their success. Success whether it be a Paws Assistance Dog, or whatever they choose to do. You all will be a part of their lives. You have enrich Doug and I with your encouragement and excitment about the puppies.

We both want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. The puppies destiny is yet to be deteremined but we know what ever it holds will be filled with wonderment and love. Tonight can slow down and give us our last moments with the puppies, the last hug, the last puppy kiss, the last clean up of poop and pee (an oh have we done alot of that). The last giggle and the last puppy pile and fighting for our attention oh yeah tonight can slow down. There will never be a last goodbye as these littles one will always be a part of our hearts. Our love and thoughts go out to the raisers that are going to conitnue on with their upbringing. We hope that you fall as madly in love with these guys and girls as we have.

Last but not least I would like to leave you all (for now until placement pictures that is) with the 2010 "A" litter names. Not telling who they are yet but I will give you their names. Welcome to the world of being a Foster Puppy, wear you back pack with pride and do your best, make Doug and I proud of you. Arnie, Atlas, Adell. Alley, Atti, Aggie, Amber, Alpine. Rock on A litter!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

No not the puppies but Hula. Momma Hula turned 4 today. We didn't do anything special but hang out with her and let her play and sleep to her hearts desire. The puppies threw a little party bash, ok it lasted about two seconds just enough time for me to catch the photos and then well the party hat was off and destroyed in a matter of nano seconds.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. You are one in a million. 4 years old and still rockin the dog scene!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I am ready for my close up "Mr Overbeek"

Ok not the original line but it fits for what the puppies got to do on Thursday night (which is why my entry was alittle lame last night). Overbeek Photography out of Holland (Michael and Angela) have been so giving and have offered to take pictures of all of the litters that Hula has had. Ok lets give a little back ground. Hula is IN love with Michael from the moment they met it was Love at first sight for her!! Angela and Michael raised Peyton, Hula's first baby! They are very close to our hearts and I can't thank them enough for giving of themselves and their families time. It sure was fun

I thought I would give everyone a sneak peak of one photo that was taken.. Gotta love it. They were ready for their close ups and more.

Tag you're it!

As the puppies get bigger, Hula is playing with them more. She can teach a might fine lesson when the puppies get a little big for their britches. Though in this video there really isn't a correction it sure is cute to tell mom "Tag you're it" and then run like mad!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Out of the office

As some of you are aware the puppies were out of the office (errr their whelping box) today. They spent the day at camp PAWS. So since it is late and we arent home yet we will post pictures tomorrow. We are pooped out.

Oh by the way the slackers will be out of the office again tomorrow. SORRY! See you on Wednesday night after nine!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A two year journey

Two years ago today Hula's first puppy Peyton was born. At 1:36 a.m. our puppy world exploded. It started this wonderful journey for Doug, myself and especially Hula. It is a wonderful process that I can not imagine not being a part. There is something special about the firsts. The first breath, first steps, first time they hear, see, bark, poop on their own you name the first are unbelievable.

So I take this blog entry to thank Michael and Angela for taking our "FIRST" into their home for a lifetime. Peyton brought us such joy and still does. We want to wish her a very happy birthday, we hope it is full of yummy treats, a nice long walk and a whole lot of lovin. I thank Peyton for being our First, our journey would never have started without her. She came into this world with a bang, her journey led right to our hearts where she will forever have a place. She is very special to us.

It all started with one puppy, then 5, then 6 and now 8. Two years, 20 puppies.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guinness book of world records

Back in the 60's and 70's there were tons of people trying to get into the Guinness book of world records. Most of which were trying to get in by fitting as many people into a small car/space. Well I think the "A" litter is a throw back from the past.

Can you tell me how many puppies are in the cube. Come on, shout out and give a guess.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

With every litter Doug and I really try hard to prepare the puppies for the year that lie ahead of them. The one area that is very important to me is the crate, and low and behold we looked at the calendar and are very late in introducing the puppies "home sweet home" to them. So tonight the crate came into the house. Lots of play was happening in the crate, they would run in and run out spin around and get the zooms coming out of the crate. A good start I say.

The best surpris is when I went looking for puppies as it is getting to bed time. I count 7 puppies (not a good number) I recount again 7 puppies (still thinking to myself NOT a good number) It is then I start to look at ribbon color. I see white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange. NO Mr Black. Crap where did her go, I look again, he is little so he could be curled up in and around a corner hiding in the fish toy, NOPE none of those. Finally it dawned on me to take a look in the crate. YEP that was where he was all curled up snoring away!.. That's my little man. You rock Mr. Black!! Sleeping in the crate.. Yahoo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Romper Room

I worked from home today and was able to spend more time with the puppies. As Doug stated tonight, it is the begining of hell week around here. Meaning more poop more pee and getting into more trouble. We still wouldn't have it any other way.

It always makes me feel good when I see Hula spending time (other than feeding the puppies) with the puppies. Today was one of those days, she enjoyed playing with them. The puppies were sliding down her side, biting at her and running away ( I guess is their game of tag your it).

What a romper room it was.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pondering moment

Hula takes just a moment to think about the big jobs that lay ahead for her puppies

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sorry for no post yesterday, it was a long long day at work (about 15 hours), some driving time, puppy class, and a c-section made a very tired me!.

While we watch these puppies grow the thought always creeps into my mind of "what are they thinking?" I think sometimes the puppies think things through and then react and other times they are possessed by an alien and do the most outrageous things and make me laugh right out loud.

Miss Orange always looks so thoughtful, caught in a frame!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Sometimes pictures need no explaination.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

At least to the puppies that is. Due to the weathe being semi warm for January. I decided to take the little ones out on the deck. First it was the mad dash through the play room, on through the kitchen to the back room and then on to the deck. I lost a few puppies along the way so I had to send Hula back into to get them. Once outside I had a few that just stood frozen, not sure what to do. We had one that got the puppy zooms ( Arnie) HE LOVED THE SNOW. The rest just explored ate ice and jumped around. The were amazed at the snow and when it moved under them even better (makes me wished I had a sand box for them to play in they would love the movement of the sand). We spent a good twenty minutes on the deck playing. I got cold so we had to come. They enjoyed their little slice of a winter wonderland.

I will say I am behind on processing photos, today's photos for a really good reason other than my laziness. I was able to spend the day taking photos of PAWS' newest family receiving a dog. This dog came through PAWS' Serivce Dogs for Children with Autisim. What a treat. Some very special moments happen that I was able to capture on the camera, but most of all it really brings it closer to home why Doug and I do what we do. It made me wish that the puppies would grow faster, learn quicker so they could go into the world and do what they were born to do. Thank you to the SDA traninng team and Ken for asking me to take photos today. Everyone needs a shot in the arm every once in awhile.
Pictures of the snow fun coming tomorrow.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wake up call

This is what we wake up to every morning. What a sight huh! Nothing gets better than this. On the flip side of this very angelic picture you all do not hear the screaming of the puppies prior to getting out of the box. What do I think they are saying, well it would go like this. "Hey we are up get us out of here please!", it would then get a little louder. "Hey we are really in here, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?"and finaly in all out screams... "GET YOUR BIG BUTT OUT OF BED AND GET US OUT OF HERE. IF YOU DON'T WE WILL CHEW ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE, WE WILL POOP AND PEE ON EVERY SURFACE WE CAN, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST IF YOU DON'T GET US OUT OF THE 4' X 5' BOX WE WILL WAIT UNTIL YOU DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP AND THEN (WELL WE WON'T LET YOU IN ON THAT WE WILL LET THAT BE A SURPRISE) SO WILL YOU PLEASE GET US OUT OF HERE."

Oh the sweet sweet Angels!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Apline or not

There are times during this process that you get a named stuck in your head for a certain puppy, even though this isn't the puppies name. That is what has happened with Miss Yellow. She is very light in color so Doug has been calling her Alpine. She has confidence plus, enough to share with everyone. She has a wrinklie face and at times looks a little mean. Jus too many wrinkles and alot of coat. In her quiet moments she loves to be held and watch the world go by, don't turn your back though. She is the boss!

Our little Miss Alpine, maybe maybe not. We will know shortly!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When Monsters Attack

What happens when monster do attack. Well I guess you should watch the video to find out. Just so you know I don't think any of these darling golden nuggets are monsters. BUT well it just fits, one person watching eight exploring puppies this equals monsters. (just for a FYI, I really don't think the content of the video is funny BUT what happens to me and my comments in the video crack me up.)

When Monsters Attack take one!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flip Flop

That is what Miss Red is up too. One minute she is "red" hot playing and being rough and tumble and the next minute she is sweet and quiet and just laying on your lap. I am not quite sure what she will be, I think she is still trying to figure it out herself, flip flopping between quiet and nice or a little full of herself. I guess we will all have to wait and see what she is like.

Regardless, she is a beauty!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Studly Man!

Meet Mr. Blue, he is our studly man. Well at least one of the studly men of our little family. Mr Blue is chubby wubby, snuggly and just a slug. He favorite thing to do SLEEP! He is rough and tumble when he wants to be but he is a ladies man and would be perfectly happy hanging out watching the world go by.

He is a good ole boy! Gotta love him.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss Orange

As the puppy grow into their personalities I like to profile each puppy. Miss Orange is our masked marvel. She has a distinct look to her, a darker face with a light mask. She is quiet and low key (for the most part). She definatley is not the leader of the group but can be the silent but deadly kind of girl. She is soft and yummy and loves to be held. She is doll to say the least.

Miss Orange who will she be, not sure yet. But whoever she will be she will be AWESOME

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Ying and Yang of it all

The puppies had a very serene day today. Just a couple of visitors and other than that NOTHING. They slept most of the day, very quiet. A new favorite spot to sleep, the potty box. These two little ones were definitely the ying and yang of the puppy world.

We also introduced REAL food to all them, ( a couple were already getting a special meal a day) now everyone is on board. It didn't take long for the ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm of the world to hit the puppies. They zoned right out after their bellies were full.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh the tangled web we weave

At least in puppy arms, legs, necks, faces, bodies. I am amazed at how contorted that these little ones can get. When they are all out tired they are like rubber dolls, you can position them anywhich way. They just don't care.

They are growing by leaps and bounds and seem healthy and happy. Very into people, Orange and black really like to be held and lay next to people. It has been great fun to watch them grow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Monkey Business

With each litter that passes through our house we try to introduce a new toy or interactive something for the puppies. This litter I was lucky enough to find something so funny. I walked into a halmark store and found the rolling laughing monkey. Seriously I laugh so hard I almost wet myself. Tonight we introduced it to the puppies. I thought they might afraid as it rolls all over the place and laughs really loud. Well I guess not. See for yourself.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Green with Envy

Boy oh boy I think we would all be envious if we had eyes like this little girl. Miss Green was all sleepy eye and so quiet. Moments from drifting away to dream land. She is dreamy for sure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aprons are for sissy's

After a 14 hour day all I want to do is come home and just zonk out... BUT then I look at the whelping box and see all 8 puppies climbing over each other for just a tiny piece of me. A bunch of puppies jumping up and down screaming almost "Pick me Pick me". So what do I do I pick them all. Out the come. I am sure their day was just as long. They were stuck in a 4ft x 5 ft whelping box with very little room to stretch their legs. Once out of the box, watch out. The party begins. It is well worth it to be tired.

Miss Yellow has decided to let me know that Aprons are for sissies ( I tie my christmas aprons on the back of my dining room chairs as decorations) and that I need to put the dang christmas stuff away.. In due time little one in due time.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Privacy PLEASE!

Exciting times here at the puppy palace. We introduced the potty box tonight. Ok so I am a week later than I planned but it got done (don't tell anyone but my christmas decorations are still up which is weeks late for me). Miss White was the first to experience the potty box, I thought she was just going to play and eat the litter but low and behold to my surprise she gave ME a surprise. A big ol poop! YEAH. Ok so picture a grown woman cheering and clapping for a 4 week old puppy who just pooped. Do you know how many times in a day they poop, times 8 puppies. Hey maybe I just invented a new exercise program. Go puppy poop GO! Mr Black was also another puppy that succesfully "got it". My life is so exciting!

Thanks to our visitors tonight. New raiser Charles, who will be raising one of the boys stopped by and also Pat, Pat house Jaimie another one of PAWS breeding stock girls.. Thanks again visitors. It is so important to have all kinds of interaction for the puppies.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Can We Talk?

Tonight it seemed like a few of the puppies had something to say to their mom. Not sure what it was but it seemed important. Well that is until Miss White decided she did not like what her mom had to say back, which is when the raspberry came into play. Goofy kids
We would also like to thank our visitors from Sunday and Monday. Curt and Megan and Jessie came to visit on Sunday and Mary and her family came tonight (Mary raised Millie from Hula's second litter.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tiny but Mighty

Mr. Black is our tiny little guy. But boy what he lacks in size he makes up for with personality. He loves to be held cuddled and loved on, BUT when it comes to playing he is rough and tumble, watch out sisters he is on his way.

All the puppies are receiving more freedom. The dining room has been taking over as a romper room. They are ALL stable on their feet and instead of walking they are running. Guess I won't be getting anything done for the next 4 weeks. Ok twist my arm.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yoga Puppies

At the first of the year most people make vows to get healthy exercise, stretch themselves beyond what they think they can. I think these puppies have been listening to my thoughts. They are stretching and bending in ways we all wished we could. This all while they sleep. Gotta love these guys.

Plus more visitors today. Thanks visitors, we hope you come back often.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

First my apologies for not blogging yesterday, I was held hostage by the puppies who had their own party to ring in the newyear.

Second I would like to thank all of our first 2010 visitors today. We had a house full for sure. Kirsten and Lynn, Bob and Ellen with Jenni and Molly, then Kerry and Natalie and the gang. Mary and Ken and also Kari but Kari how did you get out of here without having your picture taken with the puppies. I thank you all very much for coming and help expose these puppies to the goofiness of the world.

Last but not least I want to remember 2009. Many great things happened, first the people we have met, the wonderful people who give of themselves to raise these fabulous puppies for PAWS. They are a breed unto themselves. Special special people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of the babies.

All of the puppies that Hula has had are special, not just because they are PAWS dogs but because they have touched so many people along the way. They all have not made the program, but instead had other paths to take. Paths that are just as important as becoming a Service dog.

Peyton (January 25th, 2008). Hula first puppy. What a special girl. She stole my heart from the moment I knew Hula was pregnant. I knew from the get go she was a girl. No doubt in my mind. Though Peyton is not a Service dog she has brought a very special friendship to Doug and I. Michael and Angela and their boys are now a big part of or family. Thank you for loving her and taking great care of her. She was yours from the get go.

Next up the MASH Litter:

Sherman, my first born boy. Again has not made the program but from what I hear has made one family very happy that they have their dog. What a dog to live with he is awesome.

Hartley, doug's favorite. Hartley is studying hard at PAWS and is getting ready to be matched with a client. This is an exciting time for myself and her raisers.

Rosie, my little rosie posie puddin pie, Rosie successfully completely all of the certificaiton and is going to follow in her moms footsteps and will be a MOM for PAWS. How exciting. Keep an ear out for an update on her first litter. Go Rosie Go.

Millie, my sweet little Miss Green. Just like Hartley, Millie is at college studying hard to become a service dog. She like her sister Hartley is about to be matched with a client.

Last but not least Truman. Truman has very large paw prints to follow. Truman like his sister Rosie became a breeding stock dog for PAWS. He is now a studly man! He was the first dog in 4 years that was keep from Bubba's lineage. We (PAWS) are very happy that he was able to follow in his daddy's footsteps, I am very sad to say that just a week before Christmas "Bubba" lost his battle with cancer. Like I said Truman has LARGE PAW prints to fill. He will do his daddy proud. We miss you Bubba!

Now on to the N Litter. I won't drag this out. All of the "N"'s are doing GREAT. All are in foster homes and learning their manners. They just hit 8 months old. Holy cow where did the time go.

Nudge, Newman, Norm, Norton, Naya and Neptune. Rock on kids. Go the distance.

Which leads me to the new litter. Our barely three week old babies. Their future is bright, miles to go before they are done. Who would think that from these tiny pooping machine someday might be someone's hero.

2010 what a year it will be!