Monday, June 22, 2009

Kennel Life

After a very poopy night on Sunday, many baths and cleaning out of the crates (heat does not agree with the puppies at all) the puppies are tucked in and happy as larks at the kennel. They are anxiously awaiting the 1 p.m. pick on Tuesday of their foster raisers. Again we had a ball with them and are looking forward to hearing and seeing the puppies grow.

Hula has been a little on edge watching me put all the baby toys and play equipment away. She keeps looking and then just sits and watches. I remember her doing this the last time. Hula is very happy and is enjoying being single again. She is such a doll!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And the journey ends

Our journey with the "N" litter has come to the end. We spend our last day with the puppies enjoying the outside hanging on the front porch. The puppies ran through puddles of water on the porch, dug in their water dish (sorry raisers), ate on the porch and well napped on the porch. What I want to know is WHERE DID THESE PAST 8 WEEKS GO?

We have cleaned up countless piles of poop, unbelivable amounts of pee puddles, our wet jet has gone thru two batches of batteries, we are out of laundry soap, paper towel is running very very low (scared I won't make the morning). We are down to crumbs in the food bin. Eye contact was introduced along with collar and leashes. The puppies are sleeping 7 hours in their crate (I announce that proudly). We have had many a sleepless night, whiney puppies, hot puppies, wet puppies, poopie puppies, escapees (many times over now) and would we have it any other way. NOPE.

Thank you all for watching and tuning in on a daily basis. It has been a joy and a blessing to have these puppies in our lives. Just thinking about what might be for these guys and girl just makes my heart swell with pride and joy. Our wish for the puppies is to have a very healthy, fun first year, that they learn the basics obedience with flying colors, that they find joy in daily life. That they experience things that will help them excell at their future career.

Tomorrow morning is the start of the rest of their journey, a journey that can lead them to be someone's arms, legs, helper, companinon and most of all friend. We wish you well. We will miss you greatly N litter. Make us proud.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiny bubbles and then some

Whatelse can you do with puppies on an beautiful afternoon. Nothing but play with bubbles. Which is exactly what we did. Only one or two of the puppies took a liking or even acknowledged the bubbles, but they had a blast out side anyways today. What a great day.

They also had more visitors today. A Co-worker of Doug's stopped by. The puppies are now overly tired and fighting going to sleep. Might be in for a long long night.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Final Visitors

We had our final visitors tonight, JT, who is part of Newman's (Mr Red) family stopped by to say hi with his girlfriend Gwen. I think Newman took a shine to Gwen because as they came out of the pen he scurried right on over to her. He is a sucker for cute girls. It was a great visit and we are so happy we got to meet both of you. Welcome to the family.

We also had a WONDERFUL pool party yesterday. The puppies spent hours outside running around the pool, splashing, dunking each other etc. You name it they did it.

As our time with the puppies comes to a quick close, we ask that you all tune in Sunday the 21st for a special goodbye from the puppies. We look forward to you seeing us on the cam.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Say Cheese

In preparation for the big photo shoot today, the sextuplets got a bath. A few loved it and few were not very pleased with me during the bath. The bathing began at 6:30 a.m. and ended around 7:30 a.m. Needless to say I think I was just as wet as they were

The photo shoot was the bomb, thank you again Michael and Angela. What a fun time and GREAT memories.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boot Scootin Boogey

There is nothing cuter than a puppy with the major zooms. For those of you that are unfamilar with the puppies zooms it is when the puppy gets a wild hair and tucks his/her butt and runs like the wind. We had a puppy do that tonight. Doug and I just rolled on the floor with laughter. The puppy would run one way stop look around and then beat the band in the other direction. The puppy finally crashed and crashed hard for a nice long nap. I might have to find a theme song for the boot scootin boogey some day.,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eye contact 101

Boy the day started out with a bang, we not only had 1 escapee we had 4, yes I said 4. What next, the xpen came down with no options but crating the puppies. But I am pleased to announce that they made three and four hours clean in their crates.. YEAH! They also slept 5 hours straight (ok just a little whining) last night.

Doug has been a big help with the puppies, cleaning up, playing with them and in genearl handling my moods due to lack of sleep, over extending myself etc. He has started to work eye contact with the puppies. The puppies get so excited they don't know what is happening but they are getting it. What fun. With the days dwindling away we are hoping to introduce their names and have a really good foundation on eye contact (Oh yeah I forgot, I do know who is who now, but we will save that for placement).

Last but not least tonight. Two of the puppies found the open window and thought if they worked real hard they could get out side (did I mention these puppies LOVE to be outside in the cool air, what silly puppies). Just had to capture the moment in a picture.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The big adventure

Ok so some of you might have noticed that there were no puppies on the web cam today. That isbecause they took a great big adventure. They had their first car ride and their first public appearance, ok so it was just at PAWS National Headquarters, but they were out of their normal routines and they did GREAT! While the puppies played in the puppy play room, mama Hula got treated to a day at the spa. She was looking rather nappy so it was time for her to look like a new woman. She is so pretty now. The puppies had many a visitor today, some just stood outside the window to watch their antics. Which were many. Like being able to fit through the bars of the play pen. Too funny

Next up for the day were visitors, Missy and the kids stopped by to say hi and get a good snuggle on the puppies, The baby wanted NOOOOOO part of the puppies. Very funny.

Last up due to the heat we had our very own pool party. At first nobody wanted to get their feet wet but by the end they were all (but green) splashing around and having a ball. Mr Orange even gave me a paws up for a good time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

King of the Hill

First off Doug survived 14 hours of puppies on his own, no blood, no deaths no nothing. Ok so once there was an empty xpen and the camera was running. I found out he had to go help someone and left the camera outside. Not so bad

Once home tonight the puppies were excited to seem and crawled all over me, what a greeting when you get home. Later in the evening Newman decided to play king of the hill, what was the hill you ask ???? Well it was Doug. What a sight. He would crawl up to his back and wait for another puppy to try to climb up there. He always won.

King of the hills is the best game ever (at least in puppy land)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Penthouse view

We made the decision today to take down the whelping box and go with an xpen and crates. Since we have had an additional two escapes (Not Newman this time, Mr. Orange) we are going to try the xpen first and crate on every other day and then towards mid week go to all crates, I HOPE. We also have to take Miss Hula into consideration, she is having a hard time giving up nursing. But we will figure that out as we go, we always.

Also a GREAT big THANK YOU to all of our visitors today, we have the Samantha and her dad that stop by, I think Sam is in LOVE with the babies, then the Kruithoff's came by. It was wonderful to meet Jenny. Thanks for coming by for the snuggles with the babies. And last but not least Angel, Michael and the boys came by and snuggled on the puppies, plus went out to luch with us. A great time was had by all. Tomorrow I leave the babies in Doug's hands for the entire day. Soooooooooooooooo we will see who survives..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Penalty Box

While Doug and I along with our neighbors watch the Red Wings, the sextuplets were in the penalty box, basically behind the gate in the dinning room. They kept popping up on the gate as if to cheer the wings on. I think they needed to do that a little more often. Some really cute photos.. They shoot, they score, (Cute points at least)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You want me to sleep in what?

That's right folks it is time to get the little golden nuggets used to a crate, so tonight we brought a crate in for the puppies to get used too. At first they were very tenative and would barely approach it. A couple of them got really brave and stuck their head in as if to say to one another, "you go, no you go, you go, NOOOOOOO you go. So they both went into the crate. Only one puppy was "brave" enough to lay down for a very brief moment. Mr Newman (aka Red) laid down for like a nano second. Our goal is by the time they reach their raisers arms they will be sleeping through the night in their crates. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last but not least ( and a few little tidbits)

Last but not least is Mr Orange. He is our rough and tumble boy. Walks around the house with big paws (so he thinks). He likes to antagonize his littermates and then hides behind something as if he didn't do anyting. Orange and I are very much connected and bonded. He is the first one to great me everyday and isn't satisfied until I pick him up and give him his own personal hug. What a funny funny boy. So there you have it Mr. Orange bringing up the rear.

I also want to fill you in on the web cam from last night, I thought Doug and I would bust a gut with laughter. Newman's raisers and his grandparents came over for a visit. With them they came signs that said "Hi Aunt Lois" and "Newman the Nitro Ninja" What we found out is that Scott and Ellen had the entire(maybe not the entire state but a few) state of Indiana watching the web when they were going to be there. What a hoot. Just warms my heart that they want their entire family invovled, even if they don't live in the state. So heres to our Indianna family, a great big shout to you all... Again thanks for the best laughter and time on Tuesday too much fun..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Little Princess

Time to meet the our little Princess, Miss Yellow. She is a major honey pie. She can hold her own so don't worry about her. She takes NO guff from the boys. She rules the roost most of the time. Naya plays well with all of the boys, we can't say that for all of the boys that is for sure. She loves to hang out and observe what is going on around her before she goes for it. She is a mover and a shaker but has to think it through first. Naya has her cuddle moments at night after all the boys have gone to bed, Naya and I share a quiet moment. It is the best. Sugar and spice, everything nice that is what Naya is made of.

Tuesday night was a fun night, not only did Naya's raiser come for a visit, but Newmans raiser came too and I think they had all of IN watching via web cam. Pictures on that tomorrow. but what was special about that is that Newman's grandparents drove all the way from Indiana just to visit with him How special is that! He is now going to have a big head that his peeps were here. We sure do appreciate all of our visitors. Safe travels home.