Monday, June 30, 2008

Season's come and Season's go

And a season has come to Hula. Yep you guessed it she is in season again (June 26, 2008). Once again she is going to be bred over a holiday, the first time was over memorial day, the second time, which produced Peyton was at Thanksgiving, and this time the 4th of July. She has a thing about keeping us home for the holiday's. Fingers crossed for a successful breeding. I will keep you posted. We are hoping for more than 1 this time.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miss Blue (A.K.A.) Fynn

Boy all of the girls are growing with leaps and bounds. Miss Fynn came all the way from Lansing for puppy class. What a treat that was for me. She is beautiful and just adores her puppy raisers. Very good obedience and wonderful eye contact. She is a doll

Here she is.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Miss Purple "Flora" Update

The girls are growing so fast it is hard to believe they were once so small. I have seen all four of the girls recently (need to take pictures of Peyton and Fritto) and thought I would update everyone on how they are progressing. Today we will talk about Miss Purple who is now Flora.

Flora has moved into a new Foster Home and is excelling. She still has that darling little masked face that just melts your heart. She is quite tall for her age. Can't wait to see how she will progress. Her obedience is very nice and she loves her new home. She has eyes for me new mom!!!

Her she is!!!!!!!! Miss Flora in all her glory