Monday, June 30, 2008

Season's come and Season's go

And a season has come to Hula. Yep you guessed it she is in season again (June 26, 2008). Once again she is going to be bred over a holiday, the first time was over memorial day, the second time, which produced Peyton was at Thanksgiving, and this time the 4th of July. She has a thing about keeping us home for the holiday's. Fingers crossed for a successful breeding. I will keep you posted. We are hoping for more than 1 this time.


PAWS Karson said...

My thoughts are with you dear Hula. May you have a successful breeding and a plethera of healthy, adorable Golden fur babies.

PAWS Karson said...

Well, Miss Hula... When do we find out if you are expecting? And who is the would be daddy?