Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lip smacking GOOD!

No more words necessary.!


CaperPaws05 said...

Too perfect for words! I love the look on his (or her) face! Yum!

Lightning said...

Too cute! The puppies are SO BIG!

UKON said...

I can not wait to meet my LITTLE FOSTER PUPPY!
I promise to be good to the foster puppy. The spirit of UNCLE GENE is in me NOW. I told "off" a puppy yesterday. Janey clapped and said,
thank you UNCLE GENE! She was so proud of me and a tear dropped down her cheek. However, I came over and licked it and sat in her lap. The puppy knew not to bother us!
I hope to see you soon! Miss you a lot....
Love always,
UKON the con man!