Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visitors galore!

Saturday was the day for even more visitors. The family that is going to raise "Norton" came to visit, I think they fell madly in love with the boys. Not sure who "Norton" is but he will be loved big time. "Rosie's" family (from Hula's second litter) came to visit also. Naya fell madly in love with one of the twins, the feeling was mutal. I had to pat her down when she left just to make sure that Naya wasn't tucked away in one of her tiny pockets (just kidding, but the two definatley had a bond). "Norm's" raisers came for another round of visits. They were last to arrive and the puppies were pretty much zonked. Matter of fact they have been zonked for the rest of the day. Our neighbors stopped by to watch the Wings game and had a little snuggle with the puppies. The pictures of today will have to wait, watching the Wing's put me behind. What is on the agenda for tomorrow. GRASS for the first time! Stay tuned

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