Sunday, August 24, 2008

2 Weeks and counting

We have made it to the two weeks and counting stage. Also at this stage is the rapid growth stage of the puppies, I expect to watch her belly grow over night. Hula definatley has slowed down. She is also really glad that the weather has broke and that it is cooler. Pregnant mama and humidity makes for an ugly Hula.

Here are her new belly pictures. Not the best photos as my good camera is in the shop. Make sure you look closely at Hula
s belly, her hair is starting to really have a bad hair day. Spreading wide makes the hair go CRAZY

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PAWS Karson said...

Well Miss Hula, I am very glad that the weather has broken for you. I can only imagine how the humidity would be bothersome in your condition. Don't worry about the bad hair days because you have more important things to spend your energy on right now.

As for Nanna Aimee, I hope the camera is back in working condition before the puppies arrive. I truly enjoyed all the baby pictures of Peyton and the F puppies as they were growing so rapidly.