Sunday, August 31, 2008

7 days until "D" day!

Seven days and counting. I can't believe it. Everything is ready (I think). The whelping room is set up. Hula got a new whelping box, we used laminate shelving and made it larger. 4'x5'. She is in heaven when she is in there. Heck even I can get in there and lie down. Here are a few pics of her new digs and all the supplies that are ready for the arrival of the bouncing babies. Hula's x-ray for puppy count is the 5th.

We introduced a new snuggle buddy this go around. Mr. Snuggle's is a big floppy dog that a warming disc fits into. AND lets not for get the octopus. No breeding stock dog should EVER be without one.

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PAWS Karson said...

Oh sweet Hula, I am getting really excited for your. I hope the weather turns a bit cooler for you during this last week but if not, find a good fan and lay in front of it.

Did your mom's camera come back from the shop yet?