Sunday, September 7, 2008

Let the games begin

That is right I do believe we are in the early stages of whelping. This morning I took Hula's temp and it had dropped, ok good sign. I ran off to work, came home and Doug asked if I had fed Hula prior to leaving "Nope", I always wait for the boys to come downstairs. So Hula didn't eat, yeah, excitment rising. THEN I go outside thinking Doug was in the back yard watching the dogs, he wasn't he was picking raspberries, but NO Hula. Total panic, I hollered at Doug and he very casually said, she is probably digging under the stairs. Yep that was where she was frantically digging. I pulled her out of there, yelled at Doug for leaving her unattended. I reminded Hula that she is a civalilized dog and civalized dogs whelp inside. She was not happy.

Here is a picture of her "HOLE"

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CaperPaws05 said...

Good luck Hula! We're all rooting for you and those beautiful babies!