Monday, December 14, 2009

A Mother's Work Is Never Done!

I have been watching and trying to learn the puppies routine . At this point there isn't much of a routine yet, it seems all the do is EAT, non-stop. One puppy or another is always belly up to the buffet. I had a chance today to snap a quick photo of the puppies all lined up in a row. Hula was out to the world and snoring very loudly. A mothers work is never done. Hula's has just begun!


Meghan said...

She looks very content!

eehounddogs said...

Oh she is she is a great mom. She is just now leaving the box without having to be coaxed! She rocks

D.J. & Doc said...

I love watching the puppy cam! I see you come in and out to pick up the pups.Hula is so sweet and such a great mommy! Please know that Doc and I send our love and good wishes to all.