Sunday, December 27, 2009


Every once in awhile I catch myself pondering the future of these tiny puppies and really thinking how quickly they become "PAWS" Dogs. Yes I know that they were breed and are being raised from the get go for PAWS but when you sit down and think about what happens from the very first breath these puppies take to the time they are placed with their clients, just totally amazes me.

Just the growth and development of the first seven weeks that I have them is very surreal. Born unable to see and hear no idea what legs and feet are to in just a short two years to being someone's arms, legs etc just blows my mind. I am very proud to be a part of the process. Couldn't imagine not being a part of it.

NOW with all that heavy stuff out of the way. These puppies just crack me up. Is it live or a stuff toy. They have a way positioning themselves where it almost looks uncomfortable. GOTTA love these little ones. SO MUCH FUN!

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