Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cabana Girls

Well the girls have found their favorite spot in the whelping box. This is in the corner under their shade cabana. I had laid some fabric up over the corner as I was folding it, they al scooting to that area and they LOVE it. All four of them are in the photo, you just have took close.
The are waiting for their pool side drinks to arrive. They asked for pina colada, but are getting plan jane milk.


Che'rie & Dori said...

You could at least send a cabana boy over to deliver the milk :>. I love all the pictures/movies and updates. Looks like your having a blast with the grandma stuff.


Nanc said...

So is it a lot more work having four puppies instead of one or less since now you don't have to do the sudo puppy stuff? They look like they are all getting along well! :-)


eehounddogs said...

No not at this time. the work is still Hula's as soon as they starting eating mush dog food then the work begins. I am enjoying it. Glad I didn't miss out on it.