Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Sleep OR To Play

We all have seen the video's on America's Funniest Home Video where a kid is mid sentence or just about to take a bite and falls asleep. This video is VERY similar. Poor Miss Purple is trying to sleep but is involved in a little play (but sleep through it) Miss Blue and Peyton decides to play and well Miss Purple just got in the way.

The neat thing about tonight (Monday) is that Hula is now playing with the puppies (play to some but I am actually watching her teach them right from wrong). It is the coolest thing on earth, sorry no pictures of that but I put the camera down to just enjoy it.

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Moxi said...

Thanks for the beautiful puppy pictures and video. It is nice to see how fast they are developing. And thanks for all you do as a breed stock host family to help these little ones start off on the right track.