Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visitors (again)

After taking a day off of visitors (due to Miss White being at the vets and not a happy camper, wanting to get her meds in her for a complete 24 hrs, boy am I glad we did too, she got the major runs from the meds (not a pretty sight))(Thanks Nat for understanding) we started the visitors back up. Doug's mom came for a visit and well you can see how well she loved the babies.

They are also more stable on their feet now, instead of walking we are RUNNING... Still having to back up to run forward. All the girls are venturing further in the house and well exploring every possible inch of space. Not only are they venturing through the house but Miss Peyton has decided to climb out of the whelping box on her own. Let the games begin

(keep reading I am posting several posts today.)

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