Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boring Post

Sorry today's post is rather boring. I worked at the dog show in Detroit today so was gone for 12 hours, Yes can you believe I left the girls for 12 hours. I did, from what I hear from my husband all they did was sleep today. Today was a no visitor day for the girls. They just needed some down time. Sure was fun coming home and having them hear my voice and come running. AWESOME feeling.

I thought I would share pictures of what WAS my dining room and now has been turned into romper room. And yes if you look close the girls are in the picture.


Lynn said...

wow....they sure are getting big!!
And so cute snuggled on their little chair together.

pdolowy said...

Hi Aimee,
Love your blog...I could never keep up with one. Your pictures are beautiful. But in observing the photos with the pups taking over your dining room - where do they take a "break"; inquiring minds want to know.

eehounddogs said...

The dining room is where we interact with the puppies. Their whelping box/xpen is in the other room! We just needed more space to play with the babies.