Saturday, March 8, 2008

Revenge on the Vet

On Friday the girls took another car ride to PAWS to see the Vet, well it was suppose to be just Miss White (all is well with her)but I decided to take all four. Glad I did, due to them being 6 weeks old they were able to get their first shots... YEAH! After the vet visit, Dr Jeanne decided to need to a break and came in the play room with the puppies. So the tumbled and jumped on her, bit at her (which they promptly got corrected for) and had fun.

We also had more visitors yesterday. Thank you Nancy, Chelle and baby Blake for your visit and Kay who is receiving Miss Puprle (Flora).

The girls are also getting the hang of going outside to go potty. Though it is cold out they LOVE it and we have a hard time getting them back in the house.

Saturday's adventure, probably introduce a collar and leash. FUN.


Rachelle said...

Boy how Ms White has gotten big!

eehounddogs said...

Oh yeah, she is one big girl. Fun to have around. You are going to LOVE her.

Moxi said...

I am so glad to hear that Miss White is doing well and that all the girls were able to get started on their vaccinations.

This is the kind of Vet that we all need. The knowledge alone is not enough. A Vet that will get down on the floor and play with the puppies shows a genuine love for animals.