Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a day

Friday was a very exciting and fun day for the girls. A fun day that landed them in complete exhaustion. First we headed to Peyton's raisers son elementary school where they got to be loved on by a whole bunch of people, there first REAL public appearance. All the kids sat in a circle and passed the puppies around in tummy time. Very sweet. PLUS we did a group picture. I will have to depend on Michael to get a picture to me for the blog as I was watching puppies and didn't have the camera out.

After the fun with the kids we headed back the Michael and Angela's house for a photo shoot of the girls. (and Peyton got the opportunity to see where she will be living for the next year) Lets just say there was one moment during the shoot that brought me to tears, I won't say what it was, you will see the pictures.

When we finally got home the girls were just totally out (though they slept through most of the photo shoot.) A bomb could have gone off in my house and they would not have budged.

Hula tagged along as she is in LOVE with Michael as it was evident when we got to their house because he had golden shadow all day long. She was one happy camper. Even more so when the boys got home.

Here are a few shots of life after a LONG LONG day!

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