Monday, March 10, 2008

Crating 101

We started "crating" the moment they crawled out of the whelping box, not in the usualy crate, we have a little tent that looks like a cate, a soft sided tent type things that looks like it is from the movie MASH, so the girls have been readily going into these items to take thier litte doggy naps. Today, was the big test, were they ready for regular crate. So I took the plunge and while I was cooking dinner (and they were already asleep) I gingerly put them in the crate closed the door and crossed my fingers (and tip toed away). To my delight they zonked for about an hour and a half. Things went well, I heard them stir and race to grab them as we are working on going out side to "break". It is like a thundering herd to the door. We made it out side on the deck and they all peed. PARTY on the deck!



Kari said...

These pictures (and movies) all make my day! What a great way to start work in the morning - puppies and a smile. They are all such fat little roly-poly blobs of fur, and so clumsy, and so CUTE. Aimee, you and Doug are doing a fabulous job with them - their future raisers will definitely reap the benefits.
Auntie Kari

eehounddogs said...

Thanks Kari!. It has been alot of work and I am sure the next litter will be more (hopefully with increased numbers) but in the long run the best for the puppies as the raisers. I know for me being a raiser I loved the fact that my puppies came to me sleeping in the crate and kinda knowing what outside is.

Rachelle said...

I am just laughing outloud at the visual of you & the puppies making a run for it to the door in order for them to make it outside! Thank you for ALL of the love & work you put into these pups.

eehounddogs said...

Glad I could make your day.Now have the visual of me this morning in my jammies and pink robe hair messy sleep still in my the way they did 6 hours in the crate last night (clean too))
My Neighbors think I should be committed to Pine Rest. Whatever works.

kay luce said...

Thanks for all you are doing to help us when our puppy comes. They all look so adorable in the crate. I'm happy to hear they slept so long!