Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Major Break Through

Through this entire puppy process, we have neglected to talk about Gene and Trapper our keeper dogs. Gene is a semi-retired service dog that Doug and I adopted 6 years ago (Gene will be 11 this year) and Trapper is one of our Foster Puppies that career changed for a bum hip. He is currently my demo dog and educates the public on PAWS. These two gentle giants DO NOT LIKE PUPPIES. Especially Gene. He hates them. We had a major break through. Today Trapper decided to play with the puppies. He let them crawl on him, tug on his tail, bite at his face etc. I secertly think he loves the puppies.

Now Gene on the other hand I know DOES NOT LIKE the puppies at all. Today he let Miss Purple snuggle up to him. WOW. Each day is a new day

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kay luce said...

That's my girl:-) Can't wait to see the puppies again! Good for the boys!