Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

With every litter Doug and I really try hard to prepare the puppies for the year that lie ahead of them. The one area that is very important to me is the crate, and low and behold we looked at the calendar and are very late in introducing the puppies "home sweet home" to them. So tonight the crate came into the house. Lots of play was happening in the crate, they would run in and run out spin around and get the zooms coming out of the crate. A good start I say.

The best surpris is when I went looking for puppies as it is getting to bed time. I count 7 puppies (not a good number) I recount again 7 puppies (still thinking to myself NOT a good number) It is then I start to look at ribbon color. I see white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange. NO Mr Black. Crap where did her go, I look again, he is little so he could be curled up in and around a corner hiding in the fish toy, NOPE none of those. Finally it dawned on me to take a look in the crate. YEP that was where he was all curled up snoring away!.. That's my little man. You rock Mr. Black!! Sleeping in the crate.. Yahoo.

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Shellio said...

Awesome! Go Mr. Black.