Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Privacy PLEASE!

Exciting times here at the puppy palace. We introduced the potty box tonight. Ok so I am a week later than I planned but it got done (don't tell anyone but my christmas decorations are still up which is weeks late for me). Miss White was the first to experience the potty box, I thought she was just going to play and eat the litter but low and behold to my surprise she gave ME a surprise. A big ol poop! YEAH. Ok so picture a grown woman cheering and clapping for a 4 week old puppy who just pooped. Do you know how many times in a day they poop, times 8 puppies. Hey maybe I just invented a new exercise program. Go puppy poop GO! Mr Black was also another puppy that succesfully "got it". My life is so exciting!

Thanks to our visitors tonight. New raiser Charles, who will be raising one of the boys stopped by and also Pat, Pat house Jaimie another one of PAWS breeding stock girls.. Thanks again visitors. It is so important to have all kinds of interaction for the puppies.

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