Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

At least to the puppies that is. Due to the weathe being semi warm for January. I decided to take the little ones out on the deck. First it was the mad dash through the play room, on through the kitchen to the back room and then on to the deck. I lost a few puppies along the way so I had to send Hula back into to get them. Once outside I had a few that just stood frozen, not sure what to do. We had one that got the puppy zooms ( Arnie) HE LOVED THE SNOW. The rest just explored ate ice and jumped around. The were amazed at the snow and when it moved under them even better (makes me wished I had a sand box for them to play in they would love the movement of the sand). We spent a good twenty minutes on the deck playing. I got cold so we had to come. They enjoyed their little slice of a winter wonderland.

I will say I am behind on processing photos, today's photos for a really good reason other than my laziness. I was able to spend the day taking photos of PAWS' newest family receiving a dog. This dog came through PAWS' Serivce Dogs for Children with Autisim. What a treat. Some very special moments happen that I was able to capture on the camera, but most of all it really brings it closer to home why Doug and I do what we do. It made me wish that the puppies would grow faster, learn quicker so they could go into the world and do what they were born to do. Thank you to the SDA traninng team and Ken for asking me to take photos today. Everyone needs a shot in the arm every once in awhile.
Pictures of the snow fun coming tomorrow.

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