Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aprons are for sissy's

After a 14 hour day all I want to do is come home and just zonk out... BUT then I look at the whelping box and see all 8 puppies climbing over each other for just a tiny piece of me. A bunch of puppies jumping up and down screaming almost "Pick me Pick me". So what do I do I pick them all. Out the come. I am sure their day was just as long. They were stuck in a 4ft x 5 ft whelping box with very little room to stretch their legs. Once out of the box, watch out. The party begins. It is well worth it to be tired.

Miss Yellow has decided to let me know that Aprons are for sissies ( I tie my christmas aprons on the back of my dining room chairs as decorations) and that I need to put the dang christmas stuff away.. In due time little one in due time.

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