Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

First my apologies for not blogging yesterday, I was held hostage by the puppies who had their own party to ring in the newyear.

Second I would like to thank all of our first 2010 visitors today. We had a house full for sure. Kirsten and Lynn, Bob and Ellen with Jenni and Molly, then Kerry and Natalie and the gang. Mary and Ken and also Kari but Kari how did you get out of here without having your picture taken with the puppies. I thank you all very much for coming and help expose these puppies to the goofiness of the world.

Last but not least I want to remember 2009. Many great things happened, first the people we have met, the wonderful people who give of themselves to raise these fabulous puppies for PAWS. They are a breed unto themselves. Special special people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of the babies.

All of the puppies that Hula has had are special, not just because they are PAWS dogs but because they have touched so many people along the way. They all have not made the program, but instead had other paths to take. Paths that are just as important as becoming a Service dog.

Peyton (January 25th, 2008). Hula first puppy. What a special girl. She stole my heart from the moment I knew Hula was pregnant. I knew from the get go she was a girl. No doubt in my mind. Though Peyton is not a Service dog she has brought a very special friendship to Doug and I. Michael and Angela and their boys are now a big part of or family. Thank you for loving her and taking great care of her. She was yours from the get go.

Next up the MASH Litter:

Sherman, my first born boy. Again has not made the program but from what I hear has made one family very happy that they have their dog. What a dog to live with he is awesome.

Hartley, doug's favorite. Hartley is studying hard at PAWS and is getting ready to be matched with a client. This is an exciting time for myself and her raisers.

Rosie, my little rosie posie puddin pie, Rosie successfully completely all of the certificaiton and is going to follow in her moms footsteps and will be a MOM for PAWS. How exciting. Keep an ear out for an update on her first litter. Go Rosie Go.

Millie, my sweet little Miss Green. Just like Hartley, Millie is at college studying hard to become a service dog. She like her sister Hartley is about to be matched with a client.

Last but not least Truman. Truman has very large paw prints to follow. Truman like his sister Rosie became a breeding stock dog for PAWS. He is now a studly man! He was the first dog in 4 years that was keep from Bubba's lineage. We (PAWS) are very happy that he was able to follow in his daddy's footsteps, I am very sad to say that just a week before Christmas "Bubba" lost his battle with cancer. Like I said Truman has LARGE PAW prints to fill. He will do his daddy proud. We miss you Bubba!

Now on to the N Litter. I won't drag this out. All of the "N"'s are doing GREAT. All are in foster homes and learning their manners. They just hit 8 months old. Holy cow where did the time go.

Nudge, Newman, Norm, Norton, Naya and Neptune. Rock on kids. Go the distance.

Which leads me to the new litter. Our barely three week old babies. Their future is bright, miles to go before they are done. Who would think that from these tiny pooping machine someday might be someone's hero.

2010 what a year it will be!

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