Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Newman

Now think about how Jerry Seinfeld said it on his show HELLO NEWMAN. Newman (a.k.a. Mr Red) had some special visitors tonight. His Raiser came over to meet Newman and to get a good look at him. I do believe they are madly in love with the little one. Mr Red (Newman) is alway first to do everything, INCLUDING escaping from the whelping box. While watching the web cam a Raiser e-mailed me and said I think one of the puppies was out. Yep I could only count 5.. YIKES. I called Doug and he went home at lunch to check in and YES Newman had escaped. Before heading home from work today at around 4, I once again could only count to 5. PANIC. I zoomed home to be happily met by yet again NEWMAN!!!! So HELLO NEWMAN. You little man. (Thank you Raisers for remembering Trapper, he and Hula love their special treats. It was GREAT! (By the way Hula said she will work hard to get into bikini shape (like the cookie) soon after the babies leave...

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