Monday, June 15, 2009

The big adventure

Ok so some of you might have noticed that there were no puppies on the web cam today. That isbecause they took a great big adventure. They had their first car ride and their first public appearance, ok so it was just at PAWS National Headquarters, but they were out of their normal routines and they did GREAT! While the puppies played in the puppy play room, mama Hula got treated to a day at the spa. She was looking rather nappy so it was time for her to look like a new woman. She is so pretty now. The puppies had many a visitor today, some just stood outside the window to watch their antics. Which were many. Like being able to fit through the bars of the play pen. Too funny

Next up for the day were visitors, Missy and the kids stopped by to say hi and get a good snuggle on the puppies, The baby wanted NOOOOOO part of the puppies. Very funny.

Last up due to the heat we had our very own pool party. At first nobody wanted to get their feet wet but by the end they were all (but green) splashing around and having a ball. Mr Orange even gave me a paws up for a good time.

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