Sunday, June 21, 2009

And the journey ends

Our journey with the "N" litter has come to the end. We spend our last day with the puppies enjoying the outside hanging on the front porch. The puppies ran through puddles of water on the porch, dug in their water dish (sorry raisers), ate on the porch and well napped on the porch. What I want to know is WHERE DID THESE PAST 8 WEEKS GO?

We have cleaned up countless piles of poop, unbelivable amounts of pee puddles, our wet jet has gone thru two batches of batteries, we are out of laundry soap, paper towel is running very very low (scared I won't make the morning). We are down to crumbs in the food bin. Eye contact was introduced along with collar and leashes. The puppies are sleeping 7 hours in their crate (I announce that proudly). We have had many a sleepless night, whiney puppies, hot puppies, wet puppies, poopie puppies, escapees (many times over now) and would we have it any other way. NOPE.

Thank you all for watching and tuning in on a daily basis. It has been a joy and a blessing to have these puppies in our lives. Just thinking about what might be for these guys and girl just makes my heart swell with pride and joy. Our wish for the puppies is to have a very healthy, fun first year, that they learn the basics obedience with flying colors, that they find joy in daily life. That they experience things that will help them excell at their future career.

Tomorrow morning is the start of the rest of their journey, a journey that can lead them to be someone's arms, legs, helper, companinon and most of all friend. We wish you well. We will miss you greatly N litter. Make us proud.

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