Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Sunday is for catch up, which is what I am going on today's blog. I need to catch up on yesterday (Saturday's visitors), introduce you to Mr Blue and fill you in on the special visitors we had today. So let start with that. We had Jackie and Chad come and visit. Chad has a PAWS service dog named Gable who is a litter mate to our Gene (See a tribute to Gene). They have been watching the blog and the web cam. We are so happy that they could come and see the puppies in the fur. Hula took to Chad right away, and basically never left his side. Thank you Jackie and Chad for the visit we hope to see you again soon.

Second up is lets meet Mr Blue, or are we call him BIG Blue, he has a big hooty booty butt and walks with a swagger. He is a slug to say the least and sleep alot, especially in the potty box. He lumbers when he walks and is just content to lay on your lap for a snuggle. He is a good ole' boy for sure.

Last up, I didn't post yesterday about our visitors. We had several. Thank you to all for coming over. First we had the Elaine and Anna (no picutre), Anna is in love with Naya, they are raising Rosie from Hula's second litter, Then we had Natalie and girls come over, they are currently raising Sherman from Hula's second litter (Rosie's brohter). Lauryen had the giggles on Saturday and puppies played right into that. Then last but not least. Jill came for a visit, she and I are best buds and do agility together with our dogs Trapper and Teapot. Thanks again for stopping over to see the kids.

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