Thursday, June 4, 2009

Punching bags for dogs

A new toy was introduced today to the puppies, it is some kind of baby toy that I found at a garage sale. It has tubes that hang and they can run through, along with two curtains (for a lack of better word) that they love to hide behind and scare each other and the BEST of all was the little ball that hung down, it looks like a punching bag. Mr Blue played with it the most and was actually punching it like a punching bag. But Mr Red found it quite comfy to take a big fat nap right in the middle of it. Too funny. We also had visitors tonight, Mary stopped by (no picture) as she was coming from work and saw the puppies on the porch. Richard and Patty came by to see the babies, they are hosting Breeding Stock Dog Mazie. Naya's raiser stopped by also. I think they are missing their girl already.

What a fun night. The puppies are tuckered out and are all snug as bugs in a rug sleeping the night away.

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