Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eye contact 101

Boy the day started out with a bang, we not only had 1 escapee we had 4, yes I said 4. What next, the xpen came down with no options but crating the puppies. But I am pleased to announce that they made three and four hours clean in their crates.. YEAH! They also slept 5 hours straight (ok just a little whining) last night.

Doug has been a big help with the puppies, cleaning up, playing with them and in genearl handling my moods due to lack of sleep, over extending myself etc. He has started to work eye contact with the puppies. The puppies get so excited they don't know what is happening but they are getting it. What fun. With the days dwindling away we are hoping to introduce their names and have a really good foundation on eye contact (Oh yeah I forgot, I do know who is who now, but we will save that for placement).

Last but not least tonight. Two of the puppies found the open window and thought if they worked real hard they could get out side (did I mention these puppies LOVE to be outside in the cool air, what silly puppies). Just had to capture the moment in a picture.

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